Zilong Revamp: Improved Passive Skills

Zilong finally got a revamp from Moonton from his skill side. Now the attack will be faster than it is now on the main server of Mobile Legends. In addition to that Zilong skill revamp can provide greater damage.


Zilong Skill Revamp Advanced Server

Significant skill changes occur in both passive and second skill. Now we are going to spend passively more often without being bound by time. While the two skills will also have an extra dash and can choose the hero to be locked.

Passive Skill: Dragon Flurry

The fourth basic attack Zilong will attack the enemy for many times by providing damage of 180% of ordinary basic attack.

This passive is very different than before the revamp. Because we have to wait 6 seconds first so that Zilong attack can be heavy. Cooldown of this passive will also decrease by 0.5 seconds every time we use the basic attack.

With so passive this Zilong will be faster out when compared to the previous passive. This, of course, will make this basic attack Zilong sorer for both the hero and the turret.

First Skill: Spear Flip

There is no change in his first skill. For just your information, First Zilong’s skill could reduce the opponent armour by 30 points.

There might be an upcoming skins update for this Zilong character and we will update the latest skins in our MLUAS android app.

Second Skill: Spear Strike


Now we can define our own target because now this skill will generate dash. Opponents who are on the dashed path will get physical damage and are subject to a slow effect of 80%.

This Skill is very similar to the current one because it can only lock one opponent and can not do dash at your will.

Ultimate Skill: Supreme Warrior

Zilong will get an additional movement speed of 40% and an attack speed of 50%. This Skill will make it immune to a slow effect for 6 seconds.

This skill can also trigger the charge skill so that it can be faster. The passive cause will be active after Zilong gives 2 times basic attack. While without skill 3, we need 3 times the basic attack to activate the passive.

According to the latest revamp this is good enough for making Zilong more powerful because now the more active market will be more frequently without having to wait 6 seconds. So we will more often provide high damage and suitable for push turret quickly.

Then we can be easier to blur because the skill of both now has dash skill. Indeed, his birthday skill can also be used for the blur, but we can not use the wall number, so it is less effective to get the enemy’s opponent.

Remember one thing, this revamp of Zilong for only available in the advance server and will continue to be updated by Moonton. So that when later release on the main server can balance.

What do you think about Zilong revamp? So more OP or exactly the opposite? Write your comment.

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