Top 6 Overpower Heroes in Mobile Legends (Season 16)


Mobile Legends became a game that is still popular and also the popularity of the game is increasing day by day. Already, turned as a favourite game for many people around the globe. From teenagers to adults are familiar with Mobile Legends games.

In this article, we are going to recommend the best Hero Mobile Legends in Season 16 with precise calculation of each Role owned by the Hero itself.

Here are 6 Hero Overpower (OP) the Best Mobile Legends according to the owner of Altlove Gaming and the developer of MLUAS android application.



The usual assassin hero in the game to destroy the opponent team in the war. In this type of Assassin hero, surely the player must have confidence and courage by paying attention to the situation that allows for war. Hero Ling is the best choice if your main aim is to destroy torrets and help the team in critical situations.

So no wonder anymore like other competitors Fanny, Gusion, Hayabusa can be missed due to the greatness of Ling hero who has high Damage.

Hero Silvanna


In addition to the other Fighter heroes, the hero named Silvanna became the hero of Overpower’s choice in Season 16.

Silvanna was the daughter of a king and queen in a kingdom named Moniyan Empire, the kingdom was hit by a disaster that caused the loss of the royal baby. As the oldest sister, Silvanna had to find the baby.

And in the end, it is known that the baby has now become a fighter in the Land of Dawn.

Hero Wanwan


Wanwan is a marksman type hero which is quite difficult to be defeated because she has a complicated ultimate skill. But actually this hero is quite easy to use if you mastered. Positioning is the main key when playing Wanwan.

This marksman hero who has a super complete ability. She has immune, dash, CC effects, and tank killers. It is also possible that in the future – Wanwan will become banned heroin in the mobile legends draft pick mode.



Cecilion is the mage type hero in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He has extraordinary abilities which will be a backbone when you fight with his teammates. His skils are destructive and that is why we choose him in this list.

Cecilion was the second hero to release in the year 2020. When we talk about his story a bit, Cecilion was a lover of Carmilla who had previously been released on the original server.

Even these two heroes will gain additional skills when meeting in one team. It is, of course, very profitable for both heroes.

The first skill of Cecilion’s can give burst damage to a high area. In addition, the hero will start to look at his performance in late games.

Hero Carmilla


Carmilla is a love of Cecillion who until now have not gotten the news when will release on the original server. Carmilla does really love on Cecillion despite having a different world.

Based on our experience, this Carmilla is a support that has high mobility. It is not separated from the skills that can give extra movement speed. In addition, she can also reverse the situation when team fight with her Ultimate skill.

Hero Atlas


Atlas is tank type hero and having pretty good skills. He can kill many enemies at once and throw it in particular at a certain location like pulling into our own tower. Such abilities are similar to Faramis first skill and Jawhead’s first skill.

Before the release on the original server, this new Atlas hero originally found in the advance server.

The release of this hero Atlas will also be accompanied by the normal skin reactor Core. This Skin you can buy for 269 diamonds and 30% discount on first week’s purchases or you can download this skin from us. Better to buy them in a bundle with the Heronya which, of course, be cheaper.

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