Top 8 Marksman in Mobile Legends (Season 16)

In the last 15 seasons, marksman plays a very important role hero in every match. Not only is the mainstay of novice players, but now marksman is also often used by pro players both in the high tier as well as tournaments such as MPL. The reason is that there are currently many heroes of the best marksman Season 16 Mobile Legends that you can use.

One of the characteristics possessed by this role hero is very weak in early games but will turn off in late games. But in the last season 15, it didn’t happen. Because the presence of Red Buff makes marksman heroes can give very high damage in the early game.

In this article, Altlove will discuss the 8 best hero marksman who will be predicted to shine in Season 16.


List of The Best Marksman in Mobile Legends Season 16

The existence of red buff will actually make the hero marksman very OP though in the early game. Although this red monster has been nerf, in fact the marksmen are crazy heroes in mobile legends.

The buff to be obtained by the red buff will be very effective if used by an OP marksman that can also provide high damage. Here are some of the best and most popular marksman of season 16 Mobile Legends that you can use.

8. Lesley


Hero Lesley is perfect for you to use if you like drag games. Because this hero has the ability to like a sniper. He was not able to provide constant damage like marksman in general, but once you mastered her, she was strong enough to defeat any hero.

We can easily approach the enemy using skill 1 (Master of Camouflage). When activating this skill, Lesley will enter the camouflaged state and the movement speed will increase by 30%. This ability greatly helped her to do pull heroes easily.

We can maximize this skill with second skill. Because Lesley’s firing distance will be even further when not receiving damage for 5 seconds. In addition, the damage that will be given by Lesley will be higher as well.

If there are opponents approaching her, we can use skill 2 to dodge. The affected enemy will also bounce back (knockback effect). This skill is very useful when there are close combat heroes such as fighters and assassins approaching us.

Aside from marksman, Lesley also has the ability to like an assassin thanks to her ultimate skill. We can shoot enemies whose blood is dying. The given damage will also be higher if our target blood is actually dying.

7. Irithel


Irithel is a marksman that has terrible damage in late games. Even we can kill one of the opponent heroes with two shots only. Besides that, the skill also makes it very powerful for teamfight.

Irithel can shoot while walking with his special skills. This, of course, makes it very difficult to collapse. This Skill will also make the basic attack Irithel increasingly higher because each first arrow will give extra damage by 4%.

Irithel also has an excellent ability to fight thick heroes like tanks. His first Skill could reduce the physical defence of opponents by 15 points for 3 seconds. Not only we will feel this effect, but our friends will also feel it because it is not a physical penetration.

Then his second skill, Force of the Queen can give a slow effect to the surrounding opponent by 80% for 2 seconds. This ability is certainly very effective to stop the opponent’s hero from trying to blur. It would be more effective if we combine with Corrosion Scythe or Thunder Belt items.

Irithel’s most terrifying ability is his ultimate skill, Heavy Crossbow. Because this skill will give very high damage. Not only that, but the basic attack Irithel will also explode giving damage to the area. So he is very effective for a team fight.

But one of the very fatal weaknesses owned by Irithel is its very small damage in early gaming. Even the damage was not large enough despite being assisted with a red buff. That’s why this hero is very vulnerable in early gaming and will take a long time for farming.

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6. Claude


Claude’s popularity has now been taken by Karrie, Granger, Kimmy, and Bruno. But he is still a very good hero you use because of his very high attack speed. In addition, this hero is also very agile thanks to the combination of him with Dexter.

Basic attack Claude is very high thanks to its special skills. When we shoot, dexter will also come to the shot by giving damage of 20% of the damage that Claude gives. This Skill is very sick, especially when the items are Demon Hunter Sword and Golden Staff.

Claude also included a very agile marksman with his first skill, Art of Thievery. Because when this skill succeeds on the target, it will get a stack that can reach 10 stacks. Each of these stacks can improve Claude’s movement for 6 seconds. If you can maximize this skill well, he can give you win.

Claude can be an increasingly agile marksman thanks to his second skill. Because we can swap places with mirrors that he made. This ability is very useful for getting in and out of Teamfight very easily. This skill mechanism is similar to Harley’s 2 skills.

Claude’s most feared skill is his ultimate skill, that is Blazing Duet. He will attack the target around him for 5 seconds. This Skill is very effectively used for teamfight and damage it will be more horrible when already get DHS items.

If assisted with red buff, Claude is so terrible though in early gaming. Moreover, he can be farming quickly in this phase. We can use Ultimate skills to clear the minion quickly. We can also maximize skills 1 and 2 to get roaming quickly.

5. Kimmy


Just like Irithel, Kimmy also has the ability to shoot while walking. Damage burst is small, but he can kill the Second skill that is deadly. Besides Claude, you can pick Kimmy up if you need a marksman that can provide DPS.

Kimmy is able to shoot while walking thanks to his first skill. This ability we can use to counter-attack to the opponent who is chasing us. Yes, because we can continue to shoot even though the condition is being pursued.

Kimmy’s most terrible skill is his first skill that is Energy Transformation. Basic Attack will be transformed into a energy ball. Each energy ball will give very high damage and can explode. This skillset can also make us farming fast.

For positioning, we can use Skill 2. Meanwhile, for finishing we can use the ultimate skill, Maximum Charge that has a shooting distance very far. In addition, the damage is also very large, so it is good enough to shoot opponents who are trying to escape.

4. Granger


Granger has burst damage that is really crazy in the team. Even more insane than Irithel and Lesley.

His skill will really give you very high burst damage. Because each of the bullets will certainly give critical damage. Even his first skill that is Rhapsody could completely paralyze the opponent easily with very high burst damage.

We can positioning using skill 2. Not only that but also this skill will also make the basic attack increase by 10% for 5 seconds. The cooldown of this skill will be reduced for one second if skill 1 succeeds on the target.

For finishing, we can use Ultimate skill. This Skill has a very long range and the damage is huge. Even this skill can also be used 3 times and can give 80% slow effect. Enemies that have been hit by this skill will struggle to escape.

We can also be farming quickly using his first skill. Suitable really for those of you who want to push rank in this season 16.

3. Karrie


Karrie is the real Marksman also known as a tank killer. She can easily destroy heroes stronger tanks with the skills she has.

The existence of the red buff will make Karrie increasingly frightening. Because it will make true damage from Karrie increasingly higher. Especially if combined with other true damage items such as Raptor Machete, Endless Battle and Thunder Belt. These three items will make the enemy tanker weak like crackers.

Karrie also includes a great marksman for positioning with both skills. When the skills are active, we can issue two marks at once to the opponent. That way we will give true damage more often.

The shooting distance of Karrie is quite close, but still good to play. Because he can be fast for farming, even when war is still effective despite the hit tanker though. This hero is perfect for you guys who want to push rank in season 16, moreover, the hero is rarely to be banned.

2. Bruno


After having an adjustment, Bruno transforms into a highly fearless marksman. Because he can give very high and deadly burst damage. Even in early games also this hero is very strong.

One of Bruno’s most terrifying skills is his special skill. This Skill will give you the critical damage that can be stacked. This effect we can trigger by means of spam skills to the opponent. Critical damage will be even higher when combined with Berserker’s Fury items.

Bruno is known as a pretty agile hero and can have quite a good positioning with his second skill. Even his skill can also give stun a moment to an opponent. Meanwhile, his first skill is very useful also for teamfight because it can break up the opponent formation with the effect of knockback.

Not only that, but ultimate skill is also very useful for a passive trigger skill so that the critical damage can come out. So don’t be surprised that Bruno is so deadly though in early gaming though. He would be more horrible if combined with the red buff.

1. Wanwan


Here’s the best Marksman’s season 16 of Mobile Legends. Wanwan has complete abilities as a hero marksman. She is very agile, high burst damage, and has anti CC skills. Although she has been dinerf, the hero is still good enough to use superpower.

Wanwan is the most agile marksman thanks to its special skills. Because after doing the basic attack, we can point the left analog to jump. This effect can be maximised with attack speed items such as Corrosion Scythe and Demon Hunter Sword.

Just like Karrie, Wanwan also includes marksman anti tanker because it can give true damage thanks to her ultimate skill. In addition, she also has a CC skill such as Purify, so that she can be immune to CC heroes such as Chou and Kaja.

The most terrible about this Wanwan hero is her ultimates skill. Although it is quite difficult to activate, this skill OP really hard to defeat. Because this skill gives very high burst damage and can be about another target if the first target is dead. So this skill is really suitable for war.

But unfortunately, not all players can play Wanwan heroes because it is very difficult to use.

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