Roger Best Item Build and Analysis (2021)

Roger is a pretty unique hero in Mobile Legends because he has a role fighter and marksman. He can be transformed into humans and wolves. In addition, it also has high burst damage like other fighters.

Although Roger has a role marksman, it is best to use him as a fighter. So make sure that in your team there is hero marksman. Because we will be more often in the form of wolves to battle jatos with opposing teams.


Well in this article. we will give you a tutorial and build items from one of the strongest hero fighters in Mobile Legends. Let us see the explanation below.

Item Build for Roger

The very suitable Build item for Roger focuses more on critical damage highest such as marksman and fighter in general. The following builds are developed and tested by our team.

Hunter Strike


You should buy jungle items to make farming faster. You can upgrade to Nimble Blade or Raptor Machete. But see the situation first. If you act as an offlaner, you should use Hunter strike instead.

Warrior Boots

Warrior Boots

For Hero fighter fighters, Warrior Boots are the right item. Because this item will provide a very high physical defence. The additional physical defence will be higher when fighting jatos with opponents. If the team opponents many of the CC heroes, we recommend using Tough Boots.

Endless Battle


The first function of this Endless Battle item is to provide lifesteal. By having high lifesteal, Roger will be strong when Teamfight, laning, and farming in the jungle. This Item will also provide true damage. Basic attack Roger will give true damage, so it is suitable for fighting hero tanks.

The Endless Battle will also make Roger’s movement speed increasingly higher. Because this item will give additional movement speed is quite large.

Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom

To maximize the basic attack, we can increase its attack speed. One of the items we can use is Scarlet Phantom. The additional attack speed of this item is enough for Roger to provide a high DPS.

Scarlet Phantom also delivers high critical chance. So Roger will more often issue critical damage. This item will be more effective when combined with the next item of Berserker’s Fury.

Berserker’s Fury


The combination of Berserker’s Fury and Scarlet Phantom will give you a high critical chance. By having a high critical chance, Roger will often issue critical damage when using his basic attack.

Berserker’s Fury will also increase the critical damage by 30%. You can imagine that the critical damage was very high. Well with this item critical damage will be increased again 30%. Thus the damage will be given by Roger will be higher again.

Demon Hunter Sword


When using this item, Roger will have an increasingly fast-growing attack speed and lifesteal. This Item is also very suitable for fighting tank heroes who have thick blood such as Hylos and Belerick. Because this item can provide damage based on the current HP opponent.



Immortality is an item that we think is obligatory for Roger, let alone he is a fighter. This Item will give you a high HP and physical defence. Besides, we can also immortal, ie can live again after death and can be blurred when life is back.

Emblem and Battle Spell Recommendations

The emblem that we think is perfect for Roger is a Custom assassin because it provides a high physical penetration and movement speed.


For First Tier, use 1x Bravery for physical attack and 2x Agility for movement speed. The Second Tieruses 3x Invasion for physical penetration. Meanwhile, for talent main use High and Dry so that we can be a stronger assassin when fighting with Jatos.

For a battle spell, you can use flicker to play safe. If you want to play fast, use retribution or Inspire.

Roger skill Analysis


Roger has a slightly different skill with the hero in general. Actually he has 4 skills, but because of changing form capability, he has 7 skills. Here’s a description of skill and explanation.

Passive Skill: Full Moon Curse

In human form, Basic attack Roger will cause a slow effect of 20% to his opponent.

In the form of a wolf, his Basic Attack will provide extra damage of 5% of the opponent’s lost HP. The damage will increase up to 60 points if the target is a creep.

Skill 1 (human): Open Fire

Roger would fire a bullet twice by giving 300 (+ 120% Total Physical ATK) as Physical Damage to the opponent.

The first shot will cause a slow effect of 80% for 1.5 seconds. The second shot will reduce your opponent’s physical defence by 10 points for 5 seconds.

Skill 1 (Wolf): Lycan Pounce

Roger will jump towards the target by giving 300 (+ 120% Total Physical ATK) as Physical Damage to 3 opponents. When using this skill, Roger will immune to all types of damage and Crowd Control.

Cooldown of this skill will be reduced by 80% if Roger commits Kill or ASSISST.

Skill 2 (Human): Hunter’s Step

Roger’s Movement Speed will increase by 50% for 2.5 seconds.

Skill 2 (Wolf): Bloodthirsty Howl

Roger will issue Howl in his hand, and his attack speed will increase by 15% for 5 seconds. When this skill is active, Roger will prioritize opponents who have blood less than 40% and his Movement Speed increases by 50%.

Ultimate Skill (human): Wolf Transformation

Roger will be crashing in the direction we set and transformed into a wolf by giving 200 (+ 100% Extra Physical ATK) as Physical Damage and causing a slow effect of 90% for 0.8 seconds.

When in the form of wolves, Physical & Magic Defense Roger will increase 40 points and movement speed 40 points.

Ultimate Skill (Wolf): Restore Human Form

Roger will roll in the direction we set and turn into human beings. He will get a Shield that can absorb 200 (+ 200% Extra Physical ATK) Damage for 1.5 seconds.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Roger

Just like any other MOBA hero, Roger Mobile Legends also has the pros and cons we need to know before the master. Here are the advantages and disadvantages.


Versatile Hero

Roger includes heroes that we can use as marksman or fighter. It is no other because he can turn into two forms namely humans and wolves. When in human form, he can shoot remotely like a marksman. When he was in a wolf form, he would have a close combat attack like a fighter.

With these abilities, Roger includes a pretty powerful hero either for poke or to give burst damage. But according to the author, Roger is better used as a fighter rather than a marksman.

High Mobility

His second Skill in human form will make Roger’s movement speed rise. This ability is of course very useful for Roger to get roaming faster. Then the change from wolf to human or vice versa with ultimate skill will give it extra dash. So this skill can be used to chase opponents or blur.

High Burst Damage

The Burst damage that Roger owned was fairly high in the team fights, especially in the late gaming. Mushy heroes such as marksman and Mage can immediately die with only once basic attack only. Roger is still quite good enough if we compare it with other fighters.

But you should first make sure that gold and levels should not be missed from the opposing team. If this is the case, you do not mess it up because it will get you death because Roger’s defence is not high enough.

Have Immune and Charge skills

Roger’s first Skill when in a wolf form would make him jump to the target we set. When using this crowd control skill, Roger will immune to all types of damage. Although the immune effect is just a moment, but we can use this skill to avoid the CC of opponents such as the skills ultimate Chou and Kaja.

Very good Hero Chaser

Thanks to its skills that can give extra movement speed and dash, Roger has high mobility. But that’s not all, the basic attack in human form will give a slow effect to the target.

Then his second skill in wolf mode will improve Roger’s movement speed, so it will make the opponent’s target difficult to blur. Moreover, the first skill in the form of a wolf has a considerable range and will automatically attack the dying blood.

Super Hero Late Game

Roger will be transformed into a fearsome fighter when the match enters the late-game stage. The Basic attack that she gives is really terrible. Moreover, the skills he has can give high burst damage. So he will be very strong in late games.


Short Attack Range

Although Roger was able to act as a marksman in the human form, but his attack radius was not as far as marksman in general. His attack distance was not as far as Bruno, Irithel, and Granger. So he will lose when dealing with them. Roger would be really terrible when he was in the form of wolves. This is natural because the main role of Roger is the fighter.

Vulnerable Crowd Control

Despite having a role marksman, but Roger this has the main role of a fighter, so we will often be in the form of wolves. That way we have to do close combat versus long distances. This, of course, will make Roger very vulnerable to those heroes who have the CC ability when teamfight. So you should still need the help of tanks to insist on attack and body resistance.

Best Counter Roger

Roger’s main drawback is that the heroes have high CC burst abilities. Chou and Kaja were the counters of Roger. Natalia and Helcurt can be a very good counter in mid-game because both heroes will make Roger exposed to the silent effect. In essence, Roger was very weak against the CC heroes.

Best Fight Roger

Roger is very powerful against all heroes besides CC heroes. Roger is very powerful when dealing with all marksman, Mage, and assassin in the late game. Roger is very powerful even when dealing with fighters or tanks.

That’s all guys.

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