Popol and Kupa Best Item Build (2021)

Popol and Kupa are the new marksman heroes in Mobile Legends that have a very unique ability. When playing these heroes, we will like to use two heroes. This Hero will be more dangerous when using Popol and Kupa build items.

This Hero is quite easy to play, especially if you already understand the skills of Popol and Kupa. In this article, Mimin has given a recommendation to build items Popol and Kupa. Let’s see the explanation below.

However, you can read the advantages and disadvantages of Popol and Kupa from here.


The Best Item Build for Popol and Kupa

The Item build which is discussed below in this article focuses on more on the damage abilities. This Build is great for you guys to use to play Popol as a marksman but not as support. Here’s the build. Follow carefully.

Swift Boots

For the first item, you can buy jungle items in advance, can be Hunter’s Knife or Nimble Blade. After buying jungle items go straight to the shoe items.

We recommend wearing attack speed shoes are Swift Boots. Because in addition will increase the 40 movement speed, but attack speed Popol will also increase by 15%.

If the sweetness is leaked, we can use the item where the regen first-named Demon Shoes. With this item, you do not have any more misgivings which lose mana. But in late game replace this item with Swift Boots because where Popol should have been enough and will not leak anymore.

Raptor Machete


Currently, Raptor Machete becomes a mandatory item for hero marksman and assassin, including Popol and Kupa. This Item can increase our hero level faster as it will get 25% EXP when jungling. To survive is also good because it will get 4% regen HP and 10% mana.

Raptor Machete also provides additional damage to Popol and Kupa. Since every 10 seconds, the basic Attacknya will give you 50 true damage and will continue to increase if the level is high. An additional 30% for the opponent’s hero for 1 second will also make them difficult to blur.

If you want to get extra-large physical attack, don’t forget to kill 15 creeps. Because if we managed to get 15 stacks of killing creep, physical attack Popol and Kupa will be increased to 60 points.

Endless Battle


Endless Battle is a pretty important item for Popol and Kupa. This Item serves to increase the true damage so that the hero’s damage is more painful. True damage can not only be given by Popol but also by the Kupa. Because he will get 100% of the attributes used by Popol.

Endless Battle is also a very good item to survive as it gives an extra 15% life steal. So we do not have to return to the base to get the HP. An additional 10% cooldown reduction is also very useful to reduce the cooldown skill of Popol and Kupa, especially the Ulti skill.

Movement speed Popol and Kupa will also increase as these items provide additional movement speeds of both basic and passive status. That way we will be easier to blur or pursue your opponent.

Berserker’s Fury


This design focuses more on critical damage as I said earlier. So, It will be helpful in the real battlefield and it can be quick to knock out the opponent.

Not only is Popol, but the Wolf’s Kupa will also get the same status from Berserker’s Fury. That way, the combination of these heroes is really terrible. Especially when we use their ultimate skills appropriately.



For the next item, we can use Windtalker to increase attack speed Popol and Kupa. In addition, this item will also increase the critical chance so that the function of the Berserker’s Fury items can be even more maximum.

Windtalker also includes very effective items to enhance the movement speed of Popol and Kupa. This Status according to Mimin is indispensable by Popol and Kupa because he has no dash skill or blinks to blur.

Blade of Despair


If your team is dominating the game, the Blade of Despair is a very precise choice. Because this item will increase the physical attack hero with a very high amount. So we can end the game faster.

The Damage from this item will be even greater if we attack the hero whose blood is dying. Because this item will provide an additional 25% physical attack when attacking opponents whose blood is less than 25%. That way, the Blade of Despair is perfectly matched in combination with the previous item, Berserker’s Fury.

If the enemy team has physical assassin type heroes like Natalia and Lancelot, you can use Wind of Nature. When you are in the corner, use the active skill of this item. Then you will be immune for a few seconds.

If you want to get extra defence and a higher slow, you can use the Thunder Belt. The combination between Endless Battle and Thunder Belt will make true damage Popol and Kupa even bigger. The Endless Battle provides extra armor for defence.

Item Build in a Nutshell

Swift-BootsSwift Boots
Raptor-MacheteRaptor Machete
Endless-BattleEndless Battle
Berserker’s-FuryBerserker’s Fury
Blade-of-DespairBlade of Despair

Emblem and Spell Recommendations


For the emblem, we can use a custom assassin or marksman. But want to get extra high movement speed use assassin. Also, use Bounty Hunter’s main talent so that we can earn extra gold when successfully kill enemies.

While for Battle Spell we can use Flicker or Sprint as a blurred skill. The opposing team has many CC heroes, using Purify. If you want to farm faster, use retribution.

Final Words

That’s all for the Item Build of Popol and Kupa from the official developer of MLUAS. It’s best to experiment on your own and customize it with your individual gameplay. Once you are done with the item build, check out our premium skins for Popol and Kupa by downloading MLUAS android app.

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