Natalia Best Item Build and Skill Analysis (2021)

Natalia was transformed into a scary assassin in the recent update. This was none other than because of the revamp conducted by Moonton.

Natalia can give silent many times thanks to her ultimate skills. This skill can be used to use the passive directly without having to hide in the grass first. This skill can also be used 2 times. So that it can give 2 times silence if used correctly.

Well in this article will provide a basic tutorial about hero Natalia after revamp. We will also provide the latest Natalia emblem and build recommendations. Check out the review below.


The Best Item Build for Natalia

Natalia is an assassin flavour marksman, so for the build items are also similar like a marksman. The Build items that are very suitable for Natalia are more focused on the critical because she relies heavily on the basic attack. Here’s the latest Natalia build from Altlove Gaming.

Wooden Mask


In early games, Natalia could not do much other than farming. But it would be difficult if the team already has Midlaner and core (marksman). With such a roaming item is suitable for use by Natalia.

At the beginning of the game, Natalia’s role was more to the support by utilizing the silent she had. With roam items, we can be easier to get gold.

Rapid Boots


Natalia’s movements when wearing Rapid Boots will be very tight. Because this item provides additional high movement speed. Coupled with passivity when disappearing which can also increase movement speed.

Blade of the 7 Seas


After revamping, Blade of the 7 Seas is very suitable for use by assassins like Natalia. Because this item can increase physical damage and increase 100% after a few seconds we do not receive or damage.

In late games, Natalia’s kidnapping can make an enemy die or even die. Especially if we attack the target from behind him. Our target might die instantly. The target is usually the mage and marksman who has weak defence.

Berserker’s Fury


Berserker’s Fury is also a must-have item for Natalia. Because this item deals very high critical damage. The combination of this item with the Blade of the 7 Seas is really deadly, even with just one kidnapping the enemy can be killed instantly.

Blade of Despair


Blade of Despair will give Natalia physical attacks even higher. This item is perfect for an executor like Natalia. Because damage will increase by 25% when attacking opponents whose blood is less than 50%.

Endless Battle


Endless Battle is useful to provide additional true damage and movement speed. So even though the hit hero tank, damage from Natalia’s basic attack will still enter. But first, we must use the skills before the basic attack.

Also the function of this item is to provide a manifest which of course will be very useful for teamfight. We don’t need to go back to base to replenish blood because our basic attack will give you cellphone regeneration.

Malefic Roar

Malefic Roar

If in the opposing team there are many tank heroes, Malefic Roar is the right choice. Because this item provides high physical penetration, so any thickness their opponent’s armour will remain soft.

If you need defence, you can use Immortality. If you want to play more aggressively, use Scarlet Phantom or Windtalker.

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Item Build in a Nutshell

wooden-maskWooden Mask
Malefic RoarMalefic Roar
Blade-of-the-7-SeasBlade of the 7 Seas
rapid-bootsRapid Boots
Blade-of-DespairBlade of Despair
Berserker’s-FuryBerserker’s Fury
Endless-BattleEndless Battle

Natalia Emblem and Battle Spell Recommendation


Emblem and Battle Spell recommendations for a more efficient, just use Custom Assassins. The first Tier uses Agility for movement speed. The second Tier is the Invasion for penetration and the main talent of Bounty Hunter is to accelerate farming.

Meanwhile, if for the spell we recommend using Inspire to increase attack speed. Other Spell can use retribution or can also be stun. But the silent effect of 3 consecutive times is also enough to stop the enemy movement.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The best Assassin in late game.Very vulnerable Crowd Control.
High mobility. Very dependent on the item.
Immune to basic attack. Tend to be weak in early games.
Difficult to collapse. Very weak on skill area.
High Burst damage.

Natalia Hero Skill Analysis


Just like the hero in general, Natalia has 4 skills consisting of 3 active skills and 1 passive skill. Here is a description of his skills and combinations.

Passive Skill: Assassin Instinct

Natalia will give an extra 15% damage when attacking from behind its target. This effect will be active when attacking with a basic attack.

Another passive is when Natalia is in the grass for 2 seconds, then she will be invisible for 5 seconds. He will be detected by opponents around him when they are in the grass. Attacking or damage will make it visible again.

When Natalia is not visible, the movement known will increase by 15% and the next basic attack will teleport to the back of the target. Basic Attacknya It will provide additional physical damage and silence effect for 0.6 seconds.

First Skill: Claw Dash

Natalia will do the dash in the direction we specify and will give physical damage when the target. If this skill is about the target, then this skill B Isa we use again once.

Second Skill: Smoke Bomb

Natalia will issue a smoke bomb around that will last for 4 seconds. Opponents who are in the smoke bomb area will be subjected to a slow effect of 40%.

Meanwhile, Attack Speed Natalia will increase by 25% and become immune to all basic attack, including attack from creep.

Ultimate Skill: The Hunt

Natalia will trigger its market and will make it invisible. The basic attack will next give you an additional 20 Physical attack for 3 seconds. This Skill can be used once again within 5 seconds.

Natalia Skill Hero Combo

Make sure we activate the market first by being in the grass for 2 seconds. After that target, the opponent’s own targets or are behind their formations. After that attack with a basic attack from the direction of the target to get additional damage.

When the enemy is hit silent, use skill 2 so that our attack speed increases and the target will be difficult to blur. If the enemy is blurred, use skill 2. Reuse Skill 3 If the distance is a bit far. If you are dead use skill 3 again to blur.

How to Play with Natalia after Revamp


Focus on Farming in the early game

Natalia’s main focus in the early game is farming. Do not rush to the opponent if your level is still low, let alone lose the level. Because Natalia burst damage in early games was not enough to finish the opponent quickly.

Although you want to throw, make sure you can blur safely and the opponent has no skill CC. If you are Mabar Berlima, this can be done because you can get the information of the opponent easily.

Beware of CC

Crowd control is the biggest drawback for Natalia. If you want to attack your opponent, make sure they have issued a CC skill. Or at least you can know the exact timings so that they can blur safely.

Beware of Hero Skill Area

Besides CC, you should also vary of heroes who have skill areas such as 1 saber skills and 1 Kaja skill. Both of their skills are very troublesome in Natalia because they cannot disappear when hit. So make sure that their skills have come out first before engaging or looking for prey that is easier to collapse.

Use Skill 1 to Blur

The 1 Natalia Skill we can use to blur or chase the opponent. Save this skill to finishing or exiting the clash. If skill 3 is still available, use after skill 1 to be invisible again. Natalia is not a skill-dependent assassin like Gusion or Fanny, but basic attack. So, save another skill for other interests.

Attack opponent from behind

Try to find your opponent with a basic attack from behind to get extra damage from the market. After that use skill 2 to increase attack speed and immune to basic attack. Attack targets with a basic attack and if blurred use ultimate or skill 1.

Occasionally steal Buff opponents

If the situation is possible, try to steal your opponent’s buff. Especially if in enemy teams there are heroes who rely heavily on buffs such as Ling and Fanny. Try to invade the enemy lane and steal their jungle monsters if the situation is being safe.

Diligent Practice

Frequent breaks practice when you want to master each hero, including Natalia. Also, note how the Pro player plays, you see the gameplay of how to build and rotation.

That’s the best item build and tutorial for Natalia hero in Mobile Legends.

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