Miya Revamp: More Damage Than Before

Besides Zilong and Eudora, Miya also gets revamp from Moonton. This revamp will make its attacks faster and more effective than ever before. Because Miya’s revamp skill is changing quite drastically.


Miya Revamp in the Advance Server

Significant changes occurred in the market because in addition to increasing the attack speed, but the damage was also increased. Then the second skill also changed completely and can now provide additional CC.

Each Miya’s basic attack will increase its attack speed by 5% and can be look up to 5 times. That way she will get an extra 25% attack speed.

In addition to getting additional attack speed, Miya will also get additional physical damage that comes from its shadow. The Stack will disappear after 3 seconds of not attacking with a basic attack.

First Skill: Fission Shot


The first skill is still the same as before. Only now passively can also shoot arrows from this skill. So if the passive is active, skill 1 can shoot 4 arrows, 2 from Miya and 2 from its shadow.

Second Skill: Rains of Arrows


Miya will fire an arrow to the area we specified. Opponents inside the area will be exposed to physical damage and 30% slow effect.

Skill 2 will also provide additional stacks for the opponent. If the stack is full, then the opponent will be immobilized for 1 second. The Stack can be filled with basic attacks.

Skill Ultimate: Turbo Stealth

Her Ultimate Skill is also still the same as it used to be where she will disappear and the movement known will increase by 35% for 5 seconds. Only when we use this skill, then the stack of passive skills will again be fully charged.

According to the latest revamp this Miya is much more effective than it used to be, especially her second skill. Now this skill is much more effective which is very useful for war or ambush. The second Skill will also provide additional damage and the damage can be critical, either from Miya or shadow.

But if we look more details, Miya’s passive change is almost similar like Zilong because it can give extra damage. With a combination of attack speed and critical item builds only, the damage from Miya will be much greater.

Just that Miya still does not have dash skills as well as the heroes who are currently in the middle Meta. Skill Dash is of course very important because in addition to blur but also for positioning. Her ultimate skill could be used to blur but had a very long skill cooldown.

Revamp is not yet applicable on the main server of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This revamp is only valid on the advance server and will be continuously updated by Moonton before the final release on the main server.

What do you think about Miya’s revamps friends? Is it better or even the opposite? Give your opinion in the comments. Thank You for visiting MLUAS.NET

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