Khufra Best Item Build (2021)


Khufra is one of the best heroes in Mobile Legends. This one Hero has a very unique ability, which is able to stop the movement of agile heroes. In addition, this hero also has a very strong defence.

Because of this ability, Khufra included in a hero list that often gets banned. He even also removed from the event of MPL tournament Season 5. So, we can surely tell that Khufra is a very dangerous tank.

Khufra will be very dangerous when it is used by the pro player. Maybe some mediocre player will not see the potential of this hero. One of the pro players that really mastered in using Khufra can make wonders like Hoshi from RRQ team.

All the players of Mobile Legends, including me, also amazed to see the LJ’s appearance using the hero Khufra. The Gameplay is really neat with premium skins he used. I was just looking at great Khufra’s gameplay.

You can watch on their YouTube channel if you want to know how to play. Well, here today we will discuss a few of the build items inspired from the pro players. Check them below.

Items to Build Khufra by RRQ Lj

The Build of Khufra items used by LJ RRQ is actually flexible. The Build item that he used to adjust the draft pick of the hero team. He uses the build balance between physical items and magic defence. Here’s the build item.

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Tough Boots


LJ first purchased the level 1 Roaming item Wooden Mask before buying shoes. This Item is really useful for a mid lane hero and must be upgraded to Level 3 in the fourth or fifth slot.

LJ then buys Tough Boots items after buying a Wooden Mask. This item is very suitable for use if the team opponents have many CC heroes such as Selena, Aurora, and Valir. This item also gives additional Magic Defense, making it suitable for fighting mage heroes.

Tough boots are the same as the Warrior Boots. Sometimes, we prefer warrior boots if the opposing team has many tank heroes.

Athena’s Shield


This Item serves to withstand damage from magic-type heroes such as Gusion, Lunox, Selena, and Harith. These items are usually purchased after the shoe because usually magic type heroes will dominate the game in early to mid-game.

Athena’s Shield also delivers a Shield that will be active every 30 seconds. The longer the game, the more thicker the shield. This Shield is useful for avoiding combo skill heroes like Aurora, Gusion, and Hayabusa.



This Item is going to create the hero that we use like having two lives. Because after death, we will live again with blood and enough shield to blur. But have to make sure the market is active.

This Immortality Item also will be high enough armor as well. So it is quite useful to fight the OP type of heroes. The addition is also going to make Khufra stronger.

Antique Cuirass


This Item is very useful to reduce the opponent’s physical and magic power up to 18%. That way, this item is perfect for fighting with mage heroes. However, this item will be stronger against the physical type of hero because the basic status provides high enough armor.

Cursed Helmet


Cursed Helmet Item will also provide a pretty high magic defence. So it would be great when used to fight against Mage heroes. The addition makes Khufra harder to defeat.

This Item will give you magic damage automatically on the opponents that are around us. The skill is very useful for farming and clear Lane quickly. Even very effective as well when used for teamfight.

Courage Mask


The last Item that LJ uses is Courage Mask. This Item is really good for team fights. Because this item is like it will give a buff to the hero around us.

Courage Mask will give you additional movement speed, physical and magical defence to the partners around us. So very useful for a team fight.

Item Build in a Nutshell

Courage-MaskCourage Mask
Cursed-HelmetCursed Helmet
Antique-Cuirass Antique Cuirass
Athenas-ShieldAthenas Shield
Tough-BootsTough Boots

Emblem and Battle Spell Recommendations

LJ uses Custom tanks instead of Support for the emblematic. So, the defence of Khufra will be very powerful. The talent arrangement that he used I did not know, but for his main talent using Tenacity.

This Tenacity Talent will provide additional physical and magic defence when our blood is dying. So, the more deadly, our hero is even more barbarians.

For Battle Spell, LJ uses Flicker spell this later can be combined with his first skill. You see Deh on Youtube how the combo between Ultimate skill + Flicker.

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