Karrie Best Item Build (2021)


Karrie is a marksman that can give very high burst damage. Even the damage he gives is very high though about the tank hero though. The ailing Build-up Karrie will make an around hero of the tank.

You need to know that true damage cannot be withheld by any defence. This damage cannot be withheld by physical defence, magical defence, and even damage reduction. Therefore true damage is a frightening spectre for tank heroes.

Karrie includes a marksman with such abilities. Because of its strength, the hero is widely used by players in high tier even in tournaments though like MPL ID Season 5.

One of the players who use Karrie hero is Hoshi from the RRQ Lemon team. He is not only a master in using the hero Mage but all the role hero he is in, except tanks. His ability to play a Karrie hero, especially when battling ONIC Esport in the fourth week of MPL Season 5.

Items to Build Karrie by RRQ Lemon

Raptor Machete


The first item used by a Lemon RRQ is the jungle item. He did not directly upgrade to Raptor Machete but until Nimble Blade. After that, he bought shoes and then immediately upgraded to Raptor Machete.

This Raptor Machete Item is suitable for use by Karrie. Because this item is very useful for farming. In addition, this item will also make true damage from Karrie increasingly higher.

Since her role in late gaming has been less so effective, this item was replaced with other items. Lemon replaces it with a Demon Hunter Sword in late games.

Demon Shoes

Demon Shoes

For the business of Lemon, shoes entrust Demon Shoes. Without this item, Karrie would have leaked the Mananya. This Item is indeed very helpful for any regen, so it will not be too often back to the base. Moreover, we should often spam skill 2 so as to give true damage more often.

By using this shoe item, we will get the regen was after the last hit against the minion. Regen where it will get higher when successful kills an opponent or assist.

The Endless Battle


Endless Battle includes a very mandatory item for Karrie so that the true damage she provides can be maximal. Because passive of this item will also give true damage. This Damage will come out with the basic attack after we use the skill.

Not only that, but Endless Battle will also give you a cooldown reduction of 10%. That way we will more often spam skills, especially skill 2.

Additional 15% Lifesteal will also make us can survive longer when teamfight or farming. We do not need to go back to the base if only to fill the HP.

The Golden Staff

The Golden Staff

The Golden Staff Item serves to trigger the Karrie passive skill. This Item can make us more often to issue true damage. In its normal state, to be able to give true damage we have to give 5 Lightwheel marks on the target.

Well, item Golden Staff will be useful, namely, we can activate true damage by Just giving 4 light wheel mark. Of course, this item is very unique to the tank hero because it will make them a shade.

In addition, this item will also increase our attack speed hero by 35%. High Attack speed, of course, will make Karrie even more frightening.

Demon Hunter Sword


This Item will make Karrie even more frightening, especially the tank heroes. Because these items will also provide additional damage based on the target HP current. The larger the target HP, the additional damage will also be greater.

The Demon Hunter Sword item is also very suitable combined with Golden Staff items. Because this item can make passive from DHS increasingly effective. Moreover, the combination of these two items will also result in increasingly higher attack speed.

Thunder Belt

Thunder Belt

This Item also serves to give it extra true damage. The mechanics are the same as ENDLESS Battle items. Only Thunder Belt will give you a slow addition. Doing so will make your opponent difficult to blur.

This Item will also make Karrie stronger because there are additional physical defence and HP. Additional cooldown Reductionnya also very useful for more frequent spam skills.

Athena’s Shield


If you want to play defensive where the opposing team has many magic-type heroes, you can use Athena’s Shield item. Lemon also uses this item when in the ONIC team there are many of the heroes of CC and magic damage namely Diggie, Nana, and Rafaela.

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Item build in a Nutshell

Thunder BeltThunder-Belt
The Golden StaffThe-Golden-Staff
Demon ShoesDemon-Shoes
Endless-BattleEndless Battle

Emblem And Battle Spell Recommendations

The Emblem used by the RRQ Lemon is a Custom Assassin. For the badge arrangement in detail, we do not know. But for his main talent, he uses Bounty Hunter. This Talent will make us faster to collect gold, especially if often kill opponents.

For a Lemon Battle Spell using Flicker. This Item will help Karrie get blurred or chase the opponent quickly.

That’s how sick Karrie Item Build The RRQ version of Lemon. This item is indeed a little more defensive because there is the Athena’s Shield item and the Thunder Belt. With such damage to be given in the late game is somewhat Karrie great.

But this build will make us stronger when dealing with CC heroes and magic damage. This Item is also quite potent to make the enemy difficult to blur as there is a slow addition of the passive Thunder Belt.

That’s the Item build of the dangerous Karrie suggested by RRQ Lemon. I hope this tutorial useful to you.

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