How to Counter Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends

The presence of Popol and Kupa has been a frightening scourge because its potential is surprisingly terrible. The death Duet between Popol and Kupa is quite difficult to stop, so it should think ripe to do so. But in theory, the way the counter Popol and Kupa Mobile Legends are quite easy.

Popol and Kupa don’t have dash or blink skills at all, so she doesn’t have a good blurred mechanism. Popol and Kupa are therefore difficult to deal with heroes who have a nimble movement. Also, we have explained details about the pros and cons of this ml hero.


How to Counter Popol and Kupa?

As Popol and Kupa have a limited movement, it’s difficult to deal with nimble heroes. In addition, this hero is also very weak against the Crowd Control because it has no immune skills at all in any skill.

The best way to defeat this hero is to attack Popol directly on the back. If you have to attack the Kupa first it is quite difficult because Popol will also attack him from behind. There is no defeat if you follow some dangerous item build.

List of Heroes who can Counter

There are several heroes that we can use to fight Popol and Kupa. Those heroes already meet the criteria that the mimin mentioned earlier. Who are they? Check out the summary below.

1. Ling


As a very agile assassin, Ling can easily stab the enemy to the back of the enemy. We can also directly target the dealer’s damage quite easily. We should also be easier to attack Popol which is always on the back.

With her first skill, Ling can easily move from one wall to another. She can directly attack Popol and give big damage with skill 2. If Popol calls the Kupa to give a knock-up effect, we use the Ultimate skill so that the immune.

So when drafting the enemy pick Popol and Kupa, we pick Ling just to fight it. If we can play it properly, we should be able to disable Popol very easily.

2. Natalia


Natalia became a very effective hero to attack damage hero who is on the back. With her own skill that can disappear, Natalia can easily kill the opponent cores without being noticed by his other colleagues. This ability can also be used to counter Popol.

Natalia also has 2 skills that make it immune to the basic attack of Popol and Kupa. But if in a situation by one, we should still be careful because it is composed both of them.

The passive of Natalia also gives a silent effect and can be used 3 times if we use the skill ultimate. So when we attack Popol from the back, she can’t call Kupa. Because she was hit by silent and could not use her skills for a few seconds.

We can also disturb Popol and Kupa with Natalia when farming. We must often travel to the area of the opposing team’s forests and watch the movements of Popol and Kupa. While being alone, immediately with the combo of Natalia skill. But note also yes whether our damage is enough or not to put it down.

3. Aldous


Aldous fighters are highly feared by the marksman heroes. Especially if he already has a lot of stacks from his first skill. With just a few o’clock times, the opponent’s marksman can die in a snap.

Aldous supposed to be if he was duel one-on-one with Popol and Kupa. Because he targets her directly with ultimate skill. Then use skill 1 and Popol with a basic attack. Do not forget to use skill 2 so that he can immune to basic attack Popol and Kupa and give stun.

Do not do that if your stack is not much yes. Because we are the same suicide if the stack has not been much and attacks Popol directly. Do the least in mid to late game.

4. Guinevere

Guinevere does include very annoying heroes because it can provide CC with a long duration. So that the target can not do much when already affected by the combination. Once the CC effect is over, chances are the target will die.

Guinevere also includes a pretty effective hero for the counter Popol with her second skill. With this skill, we can jump straight toward Popol and continue with skill 3 to give an advanced attack. If it is still not dead, we can use skill 1 and blur again with skill 2.

This Guinevere 2 and 3 skill combo will make Popol hit with a long enough time so that she cannot use 1 skill to summon the Kupa. This can also be done when you’re a team fight where the Kupa will attack the other target.

5. Pharsa


The three heroes above are perfectly suited against Popol and Kupa from a short distance. Next, the remote heroes can be used for the POPOL counter directly. But those heroes must have a very distant skill range, one of which is Pharsa.

You may already know that if this Pharsa’s ultimate skill has a very distant range and has a cooldown of a short skill. When there is a crash or team fight, point the skills of Ulti to Popol on the back. 4 times the shot of this skill should be enough to kill Popol.

Popol also thought two to tell Kupa to attack Pharsa. Since Pharsa will also be protected by a teammate. That way we can directly launch the attack on Popol directly.

6. Cecilion


How to Counter Popol and Kupa with Cecilion

Cecilion also includes a fairly effective hero for the counter Popol directly. Since Cecilion also has a very wide range of attacks with 2 and ultimate skills. But we still have to pay attention to the combat distance Yes friends!

When there is a fight one on one, we can use the skill ultimate. This Skill is very influential because it will give HP Regen while attacking. Keep a close look at the Popol on the back so it can die.

It is quite difficult to happen one on one with Popol and Kupa because you need a mature calculation. But if in a team fight, we should get more freedom to spam skills 2 towards the back of attacking Popol. In late gaming, twice this skill spam is enough to kill the marksman.


Popol and Kupa do include very powerful heroes both for attack and defence. But any OP hero must have a weak point. One way to fight it just uses the five heroes above.

That’s a little review on how to counter Popol and Kupa Mobile Legends. Actually there are still many other heroes that you can use to counter this hero, but all based on the skills you have.

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