Helcurt Best Item Build (2021)

Helcurt is an early game hero and to be honest he is very dangerous. However, this hero has high burst damage like Gusion. Besides, he can also give the effect of silence heavy so it will make your opponent can not use their skills.


Another terrible ability of Helcurt is to blind the map. So that with the ability Helcurt to be the best assassin in the eyes of the opponent. Moreover, this hero is also very agile, so it will make it easy to blur or close the target opponent.

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Well in this article, we will give a little basic tutorial on how to play the hero Helcurt. Let’s just take a look at the explanation below.

Item Build for Helcurt

The Build Item that is very suitable for Helcurt is to maximize the attack speed more easily to get the stack of a second skill. This Attack speed will be better combined with critical damage. The following recommendation builds of the Helcurt item suggesting by the MLUAS Official Team.

Raptor Machete


The first Item we have to buy is the Raptor Machete. This Item is very good used by Helcurt because it is a physical type assassin. This Item will make it easier for farming, but it can also give true damage. Especially if taking a red buff.

Swift Boots


For shoe items, We can use Swift Boots. Because in addition to increasing the movement speed, this item will also increase the attack speed. That way we will be faster to achieve a maximum stack of skill 2.

Blade of Despair


For assassins like Helcurt, Blade of Despair includes items to buy in mid-game. Because by using this item, Helcurt physical damage will be higher. Damage when using skill 2 (5 stacks) will be very high, especially if he is already using the Blade of Despair.

This Blade of Despair Item is also very suitable for use by assassin Heroes who act as an executable. Because the damage from this item will increase by 25% when attacking the opponent whose blood is less than 50%.

Endless Battle


To get extra true damage, we can use Endless Battle. In addition, this item will also increase the movement speed, so that we can engage or blur more easily.

Another function of the Endless Battle item is also for the lifesteal. Because this effect will make us can survive longer while farming. Its additional cooldown reduction will also make us can more frequent spam skills.

Berserker’s Fury


Berserker’s Fury also includes mandatory items for the Helcurt. With those items, Helcurt can provide very high damage. This is because Berserker’s Fury will increase the critical damage whose value is of course very high.

This Item will make Helcurt more often issued critical damage because it gives high critical chance status. The Critical damage that we spend will also be increased with the market.

Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom

This Item serves to increase attack speed and critical chance. By having a high critical chance, we will often issue critical damage.

Malefic Roar

In the late game, you should sell Raptor Machete and replace with other items. You can use Malefic Roar if on the opposite team has many tank heros who have very high armour. You can also use Immortality if you want to have a little defence.

Item Build in a Nutshell

Raptor-MacheteRaptor Machete
Swift-BootsSwift Boots
Blade-of-DespairBlade of Despair
Endless-BattleEndless Battle
Berserker’s-FuryBerserker’s Fury
Scarlet PhantomScarlet Phantom

Emblem and Battle Spell Recommendations


For Emblem, we recommend using a Custom Assassin with the talent arrangement as shown below. The first Tier is Agility for additional movement speed. The second Tier is Invasion of physical penetration. For the main talent, you can use Bounty Hunter or High and Dry.

For a battle spell, we recommend using Stun. This Spell serves to make the opponent unmoving. Actually, the silent effect is also enough anyway, but if you do not go away with stun.

Helcurt Skill Analysis

Just like the hero in general, Helcurt also has 4 skills consisting of 3 active skills and 1 passive skill. Here is the explanation of each skill and its combinations.

Passive Skill: Race Advantage

Targets that use skill within 3 yards of Shadowbringer will be subjected to Silence for 1 second if their skill delivers damage. This effect has a cooldown of 4 seconds of its fight.

This silence effect will make your opponent can not attack using the basic attack.

First Skill: Shadow Raid

Helcurt will teleport in the direction we specify and provide physical damage of 150 (+ 70% Total Physical ATK) to the targets within this area of skill. They will also take the silence effect for 1.5 seconds.

If using skill 1 after using the ultimate skill, it will cause a slow effect of 40% for 1.5 seconds.

Second Skill: Deadly Stinger

Passive of this skill is that each Helcurt basic attack will give a Deadly Poison Stinger and can be stacked up to 5 stingers. This effect will last for 8 seconds per stack and will decrease as time goes by.

Well, if we attack with one stinger, it will give physical damage of 250 (+ 100% Extra Physical ATK) to the opponent. The attack on the Minion only accepts 70% potential damage. Each stinger will give you a slow effect of 8% for 3 seconds.

For this skill to work effectively, try to have 5 stacks when you will use it to your opponent. That way, the damage and slow effect that will be given will also be higher.

Skill Ultimate: Dark Night Falls

This Skill will make the Helcurt attack speed increase by 10%. Meanwhile, he will also call the night which will reduce his visibility to the opponent and take all of their teammates ‘ vision for 3.5 seconds.

When this skill is active, the Helcurt sped attack increases by 10% and the movement speed is 65% for 8 seconds. In addition, the stinger (Stack Skill 2) will not disappear while using this skill.

Helcurt Skill Combo

For the skill combo, we can use the ultimate skills to blind the folder. After that use skill 1 to approach the opponent. If skill 2 does not have a maximum stack, hit the enemy with a basic attack then use Skill 2.

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