Granger Best Item Build (2021)


Granger, the hero’s entry is often used by most of the players of Mobile Legends. Even the hero is also often used by Mobile Legends Pro players at the MPL ID Season 5 tournament.

One very dangerous user of Granger is Jabran “Branz”. He includes the best marksman user owned by the Bigetron Alpha team. You guys who watch MPL Season 5 The first week will be amazed to see Branz’s game using the hero Granger.

This Granger is a marksman with very high burst damage. Even the Damagenya in early games had already pedes really, especially if it is getting a red buff.

For that reason, Granger is often a reluctant hero. Even in MPL tournaments, he was always banned. If teamwork and gameplay are very good, Granger is very strong to defeat.

Well in this article, Altlove will slightly review about the build commonly used by Branz when using the hero Granger. You can try NIH build item version of BTR Branz to be more dangerous.

Granger Item build Suggested by BTR Branz

The Build of Granger items used by BTR Branz is almost the same as in general. Even these builds are not much different like the builds we’ve given on our website. What is the Granger build of Branz version? Check out the list below.

Raptor Machete


The first item commonly used by Branz is the Jungle item. Well Branz did not directly upgrade to Raptor Machete, but bought the basic item first, Hunter’s Knife, or Nimble Blade.

After getting the Nimble Blade, he immediately buys shoe items or other more important items. He upgraded Nimble Blade to Raptor Machete in the second slot, or after the shoe.

Magic Shoes

Magic Shoes

The shoes used are Magic Shoes. This shoe Item functions to reduce the cooldown skill of Granger by 10%. So, we will be more often spam skills, especially the skill of both.

After Demon Shoes, Branz usually upgrades the Nimble Blade Jungle item to Level 3 of the Raptor Machete. Because if you buy Raptor Machete directly, the movement of Granger will be a little slow and will not often spam skills in early games.

Blade of Despair


The next Item is the Blade of Despair. The Item will make the Granger damage even more crazy. Because this item provides an extra high physical attack.

Damage from Blade of Despair will be even higher if we hit the opponent hero whose blood is dying (50%). Because our physical attack will increase by 25%. So it is suitable for use by marksman like Granger.

Blade of Despair is a high damage, but we need a long time to make it. Because these items have very expensive prices for the teammates in early games.

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The Endless Battle


It turns out that Branz prefer Endless Battle rather than the Bloodlust Axe to the Battle of the gang. This Item is going to make the Granger get the HP regen when shooting targets with basic attack.

Endless Battle provides a very complete status of the teammates. But the most important of these items is True Damage. This type of damage is very useful to fight the tank hero whose armor is thick.

This Endless Battle Item is also going to provide additional cooldown reduction, so we are more frequent spam skills. The extra movement speed is also useful for roaming.

Berserker’s Fury


Granger includes marksman who relies more on critical attacks than attack speed. Therefore Granger must really Pake Berserker’s Fury.

Granger has a skill that is sure to give a critical damage. Well with Berserker’s Fury item, the critical damage will increase by another 30%. Granger normal Damage will increase, especially if already so Berserker’s Fury items.

Malefic Roar

Malefic Roar

Malefic Roar serves to fight against the hero tanks that have a high physical defence. Because this item can be realising it by 40%. Of course damage Granger will be really noticeably even though we take very high Physical Defense items.

Item Build in a Nutshell

Raptor-MacheteRaptor Machete
Magic ShoesMagic Shoes
Blade-of-DespairBlade of Despair
Endless-BattleThe Endless Battl
Berserker’s-FuryBerserker’s Fury
Malefic RoarMalefic Roar

Emblem and Battle Spell Recommendations

For the Branz badge prefer custom Assassin than Custom Marksman. But I think the Custom Assassin is more steady anyway. For his talent arrangement, I have less so known, but that is clear he’s the ultimate talent of Bounty Hunter.

This Talent Bounty Hunter is going to make Granger can get items quickly. Since every time we get the kill, we’ll get a bar of extra gold. So we need to be smart to steal kill if you have this one.

For Battle Spell, Branz more often uses Purify. But I think you guys have to adjust more with the game condition. Usually, this spell is used in enemy teams of many Crowd Control heroes such as Chou, Kaja, Aurora, and other CC heroes.

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