Claude Best Item Build (2021)


Claude is a marksman who has a very high attack speed in Mobile Legends. But unfortunately, his popularity shifted to the hero with very high critical damage namely Granger and Bruno.

One of Claude’s disadvantages is that he lacks in early gaming. Compared to Bruno and Granger, Claude’s damage in early games was not great even though the three skill had red buffs.

However, Claude is still a very dangerous marksman when used by the right player. One of them is the player of the Bigetron Alpha and Jabran Branz. They use this Claude’s hero is very aggressively.

Well in this article, we will slightly review about the build item Claude from BTR Branz. Let’s just take a look at the explanation below.

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Item Build Suggested by BTR Branz

The Build of Claude’s items used by Branz is a bit different from Claude’s player in general. That is quite different from the use of shoe items. BTR Brenz is the way of uniqueness showcases the build items.

Raptor Machete


Actually this item should be placed in the third slot after the Demon Hunter Sword item. But in early game, he bought a basic item first that is Hunter’s Knife. After that, he bought 2 items where the Regen, and Necklace. After that, Hunter’s Knife was upgraded again into Nimble Blade.

Jungle items will help us get farming faster. In addition, this item will also provide true damage. So it will be quite effective to fight the tank hero.

Magic Shoes

Magic Shoes

Usually, we going to make item Demon Shoes. So we rarely return to the base because Claude is a hero who likes power first skill. Demon Shoes are the one way to get the regen whenever using this item.

Branz uses a different item with Claude’s player that is weird. He relied more on Magic Shoes to get additional cooldown reduction. That way he can use the skills more often, especially the ultimate skill.

Is it look weird?

In theory, we often go back to the base for the protection or increase our health. But In the Endless Battle which is used to regen is also enough.

If you guys adding Magic shoe item, then you have to be more effective. Don’t let you unleash your skills without any purpose.

Demon Hunter Sword (DHS)


The Demon Hunter Sword or Black sword is a core item for Claude. Without this item, damage of this hero will be improved drastically. After getting this item, Claude is going to be really sick even to the tank hero though.

In addition to increasing attack speed, this DHS item will also improve the lifesteal. So we dont need to go often to the base for HP since we have enough juice whivch can be loaded automatically.

This item is the upgrade of Nimble Blade to Raptor Machete.

The Golden Staff

The Golden Staff

This item functions will help you to trigger the value from a DHS item. So Claude’s attack speed and damage will be even higher if you take the Golden Staff.

The Endless Battle


The main function of this item is to increase true damage. Basic attack Claude after using his skill will generate very high true damage. This Damage, of course, will make the hero is equal to the tank.

This Item will also provide a pretty high lifesteal, so we can survive longer when teamfight. The additional movement speed also makes Claude more agile.

Another goal of Branz buying Endless Battle is to get the cooldown status reduction. By having a high CD, automatically will use the skill ultimate more often when teamfight.

The Queen’s Wings

The Queens Wings

The last item in this list is The Queen’s Wings which is also known as Red Wings. Nowadays many marksman users using this one item to improve their skills. I’d rather call Queen’s Wings as a “PHP item”.

You are going to get high damage reduction and life steal when our health status is less than 40%.

The Queen Wings is also provides 10% Cooldown Reduction. That means if we combine with Endless Battle and Magic Shoes, the cooldown reduction Claude was possessed by 30%. So we are going to be more frequent to ultimate skill when teamfight.

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So follow purchase order of items:-

Hunter’s Knife > 2 Necklace > Nimble Blade > Magic Shoes > DHS > Raptor Machete > Golden Staff > Endless Battle > Queen’s Wings.

Item Build in a Nutshell

Raptor-Machete Raptor Machete
Magic Shoes Magic Shoes
Demon-Hunter-Sword Demon Hunter Sword
The Golden Staff The Golden Staff
Endless-Battle The Endless Battle
The Queens WingsThe Queens Wings

Emblem and Battle Spell Recommendations

The Emblem used by Branz is Custom Assassin. I don’t know what the emblematic structure is like, but he uses the Bounty Hunter’s main talent. This Talent will make us faster in the battlefield.

For Battle Spell, Branz uses the Aegis Spell more. This Spell functions to enhance the shield when using Ulti. This Spell is also suitable for fighting high burst damage like Hayabusa. But if for the emblem just adjust with the condition of the game.

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