Cecilion Best Item Build and Analysis (2021)

Cecilion was the second hero to released in this year. According to his background, Cecilion was a lover of Carmilla who had previously been released on the original server.

Even these two heroes will gain additional skills when meeting in one team. It is of course very profitable for both heroes.

One characteristic of Cecilion’s hero is that it can give burst damage to a high area. In addition, the hero will start to look at his performance in late games.

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Well, in this article we will give you a basic tutorial about the hero Cecilion Mobile Legends. Let’s just take a look at the explanation below:


Item Build for Cecilion Hero

The ideal Build items for Cecilion in our opinion which is more to maximize the damage for the opponents. Lightning Truncheon is the main item for the Cecilion hero. The rest is back again according to your preference.

Demon Shoes

Demon Shoes

Demon Shoes is a shoe item for Cecilion and this could help Cecilion to regenerate mana. You need to know that he is very extravagant, especially when using his first skill.

Clock of Destiny

Clock of Destiny

Cecilion’s Damage skill is scaled with Maximum Mana, thus the Clock of Destiny is a very precise item. Because this item will provide a very high supply. In addition, this item will also give a high HP, so Cecilion will become more durable.

Lightning Truncheon

Lightning Truncheon

Lightning Truncheon is a core item for Cecilion. Basically, passive of this item will provide additional damage that scales with the total amount that we have. In addition, damage from this skill is also more.

The effect of this item will be felt good when the match has entered the late game phase. However, Cecilion will have high power which is high in this phase. In addition, the high-level Clock of Destiny is 5 minutes after this item is finished.

Ice Queen Wand

Ice Queen Wand

Actually, you can replace this item with of concentrated power Energy to get an additional higher Regen HP. But according to our items, the Ice Queen Wand alone is enough because this item also provides additional movement.

So, this Ice Queen Wand item able to give you a fairly high slow effect for others. So that, it will make opponents difficult to blur. Moreover, all the skills of Cecilion are good, so this effect can be useful in many ways.

Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal

This Item serves to enhance the Magic Power Cecilion. This Item will make the Magic Damage Cecilion increasingly high in the late game. However, this Holy Crystal will increase Magic Power up to 35% of the Teammates. Don’t get surprised if Cecilion can be a killer machine in late games.

Genius Wand

Genius Wand

This Item is very good to use when dealing with hero tanks or fighters who have a high magic defence. Because this item can reduce magic defence opponents with quite a high amount. Very suitable with Cecilion which can give high damage area.

Item Build in a Nutshell

Demon ShoesDemon Shoes
Clock of DestinyClock of Destiny
Lightning TruncheonLightning Truncheon
Ice Queen WandIce Queen Wand
Holy CrystalHoly Crystal
Genius WandGenius Wand

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Emblem and Battle Spell Recommendations

For emblems, we recommend using Custom Magic. The talent arrangement can be seen in the image below. But for the main talent, we recommend using Impure Rage because this item will regenerate where you should kill the opponent.

While for a battle spell it is better to use Flicker to blur easily. But if your team is solid, in the sense there are associates who can help you. We recommend using Flameshoot for finishing. The damage is from this high spell but it is all up to you guys.

Analysis of Hero Cecilion

He is a very different hero in general because Cecilion having 5 skills consisting of 1 passive skill. However, the fourth skill will be active when Carmilla adjacent to this hero in the same team. Here is a description of his skills and combinations.

Passive skills: Overflowing

Maximum of Mana will increase by 10 points each time when his skill targets on the opponent. This effect has a cooldown for 1 second.

Demgam the ability, Cecilion has Maximum Mana and the speed of Regen is higher.

His Skill Damage is based on the how much maximum mana he owned. The higher Max Mana, the more the higher the Cecilion damage skill will be.

First Skill: Bat Impact

Cecilion will attack with the high power in the direction that we determine by giving the Magic Damage of 138 (+ 80% Total Magic Power) (+ 4% Max Mana) to the opponent on the track.

The giant’s bat will not stop and will remain at its destination and returns to attack by giving a Magic Damage of 275 (+ 160% Total Magic Power) (+ 8% Max Mana) to the opponent.

After the target, skill 1 will be active again only 1 time. The Movement Speed of Cecilion will increase by 30% for 1 second after using this skill.

Each time Cecilion issued skill 1 in the duration of 6 seconds, the use of Mana will increase by 1.8 times (4 times maximum).

Skill 2: Sanguine Claws

Cecilion will summon a pair of Claw in the position we have set that will move each others face and cause a slow effect to the opponent on its path.

After a few seconds of delay, the Claw will draw the opponent to the centre, causing the Immobilize effect to them for 1 second and giving it a Magic Damage of 200 (+ 45% Total Magic Power) (+ 1.2% Max Mana).

Skill Ultimate: Bats Feast

Cecilion will awaken the strength of the Blood he has. His Movement Speed will increase by 60% in 1.5 seconds (decreases gradually), as well as the immune to Slow effect.

When activating this skill, Cecilion will expel the surrounding, which will automatically attack the opponent around it.

Each will give 30 (+ 8% Total Magic Power) (+ 0.3% Max Mana) as a Magic Damage to the opponent and cause a slow effect of 3% (can be stack up to 30%) for 1 second.

Every mistake is done by the target, Cecilion will restore the Hlid of 10 + (1% of the missing Hlid).

Skill Tambahan: Moonlit Waltz

This Skill will be active when Cecilion is adjacent to Carmilla in the same team.

Cecilion will summon Carmilla to become Vermil Shadow and possess it. The Vermil Shadow will give you 440-1000 (increasing with Carmilla) Shield.

Carmilla can choose the target location and land there and get the same shield, giving 440 – 1000 Magic Damage (scale level) to opponents in the area.

In addition, it will cause a slow effect on them of 60% for 1 second.

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