10 The Best Offlaner Mobile Legends Heroes (2021)


Offlaner is one of the most important roles in Mobile Legends games, an offlaner in the match must have a good strategy and be able to be more patient than other role teams, considering the task of an offlaner is very heavy, especially at the beginning of the game.

For you who do not know what Offlaner is. Offlaner is a player who will face 2 heroes on Side Lane, and usually, the hero faced are Mage-Tank/Assassin-Mage/Marksman-Tank. And maybe you already know some pro players who are very nice when becoming an Offlaner like Anti mage, Oura, Jeel, or Lemon. You can see, they do not select any hero when they will run the task for the team when competing.

Well for you who often serve as an Offlaner when solo rank and confused to pick what hero, here we recommend the 10 best Offlaner Mobile Legends heroes that you must master.

1. Chou


Everything you need as an offlaner is on the Chou, from a decent ability, defence, and damage that will be able to defend your team’s turret until your teammates get the ultimate level.

2. Thamuz


Thamuz has a pretty good lane securing ability with the skills he has, clearing the minions and preventing the opponent’s hero from doing the push very easy if using this hero one.

3. Leomord


The knight rode with considerable damage. Not only is it able to secure one lane but it can also help to the middle area thanks to his ultimates skill that can summon a wild horse and unlock his new skills.

4. X.Borg


If you want to be an annoying offlaner then you can choose this hero one, with the skill of his fire shots can make the minions disappear instantly and the opponent hero will think twice to progress.

5. Lapu-lapu


Although now infrequently the player who uses it, the hero of this one is still very suitable chosen for offlaner position. The reason Lapu-Lapu has decent durability and agility to play the opponent hero thanks to his pretty good skills.

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6. Masha

Masha is created for the player Offlaner, has good resistance and incredible speed, the hero will be quite troublesome for the opposing team. They shouldn’t be off guard if it doesn’t want to be Kehiglangan buff even turret.

7. Hayabusa


You need to know, Hero Offlaner does not have to be a fighter. Assassins like Hayabusa can also be an option, only indeed you have to focus more on the opponent, considering the resistance is not as good as the fighter, but the speed is 2x folding that you can use.

8. Grock


And another one is a Tank, Grock. Who says Grock only mid? This Hero can also be used to perform tasks as an offlaner. Maybe it is even the best when the match 2 tanks, its ability to clean the minion and his wall skills will be very troublesome for the opposing team.

9. Badang


Badang is not as good as the previous heroes, but it can still be an option if you have a few heroes or other heroes have been taken by the opposing team. When you use this hero all you have to look at is when the right time to make up the wall skills because it often also becomes a trap for the Lord.

10. Terizla


Last is Terizla, the hero with the camp which is also good enough for you to use when you become an offlaner, the damage is very big and the defence is also strong enough that fighting 2 opponent heroes at once will not be a problem.

Well, that’s the list of the best Offlaner heroes you must master. Please provide your comments below and do not forget to share with your friends on social media.

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