Top 5 Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends (Season 16)


Assassin is the most desirable role hero by many Mobile Legends players, especially for pro players. It’s just like Marksman heroes.

One of the characteristics possessed by assassin Hero is high damage though in early Game. This is what makes Mobile Legends players like this hero role more than any other. With such great damage, the assassin can dominate in all phases of the game.

However, other characteristics of hero Assassin is good mobility and agility. With these capabilities, they can be easily roaming around the map and chasing escaping enemies.

By the way, mastering hero is a kind of challenge to may users because this role has a high level of difficulty. So, you need a high experience if you want to master role assassin.

Well! In this article, we will talk about 5 heroes of Assassin who will be predicted to shine in season 16 of Mobile Legends and even the next season. And of course, we will always update new heroes according to the season.



The first best assassin Hero in our list is Selena. This Hero can really dominate in the Early and Mid game. She is having high damage magic and very long Stun effect. In addition, the hero has extraordinary agility.

The combination of skill 1 and 2 in human mode is difficult for the opponent. With only one combo, the enemy can be killed immediately. If done such combinations correctly, then you will give very high burst damage to enemies.

Skill 1 of Selena in human mode can also be used for open vision. We can save the trap in the grass to know the existence of enemies. This is of course very useful.

While the skills are both also very good we use to give a surprise attack. In addition, the range of these attacks is also very distant. The enemy can be affected by this skill even in long-distance, the stun effect that they will get will also last long.

Her second skill in the Abyss mode will also make Selena become agile. We can use this skill 3 times if the opponent has been hit by a skill 1 and 2 in the Abyss mode.

However, Selena’s main weakness is she can’t perform great in the late game. In addition, the hero is also very difficult to master and relies heavily on skill combos. So when one skill misses, then another skill cannot be used.

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helcurt banner

Helcurt becomes a frequently used assassin from many popular pro players. Even these heroes have often banned in certain games. The reason is that the special skill which is used to perform high power.

The special kill is great for paralyzing the opposing team’s core hero. The enemy that has been hit by silent skill can be killed by his second skill. Well, those two skills have very high damage if they already have 5 stacks.

While the Ultimates skill is also great to make the opposing team confused and we can defeat the opponent carry hero. For a few seconds, the opposing team will not be able to detect the existence of our team.


hayabusa banner

He is the lover of Kagura and also OP hero in this season 16. Besides being agile, this hero also has high burst damage. This Hero is also very difficult to die because he has a fairly high vamp spell.

In the mid-game, Hayabusa can kill thin heroes very easily (but depends on gold too).

We can get a lot of the stack at once with his first skill, this skill is also very good we use for the opponent Poke hero. Because the damage from this skill will be very high if the target is affected by 3 shurikens.

Coming to the second skill, it will make Hayabusa become agile and very difficult to counter. We can use this skill to approach the target and blur it again. This Skill is perfect for you to use to get the opposing team down.

The most terrifying about Hayabusa is his ultimate skill. This Skill will give you high burst damage if our target already has 5 marks. You can kill a target with just one combo.

Hayabusa will transform into a scary assassin in the late game. He can kill the week heroes very easily. Therefore we do not let him farming freely. We have to take it down from the beginning of the game.

One of the weaknesses owned by Hayabusa is weak in early gaming. The Damage he gives in this phase is very small. Therefore, he could not do much in this phase. Moreover, the difficulty level of this hero is very high, so you need a lot of experience if you want to really master this hero.


gusion banner

Another season 16 best assassin Hero is Gusion. These heroes are often get banned in the Epic tournaments. The reason is; this hero has high damage and agile and very difficult if we don’t know how to fight it well.

His first skill is crucial because if it is not reached the target, we can not continue with the other skill combo. This Skill is great for locking one of your opponent’s because we can use this skill again to return to the target.

However, his skills are also very dangerous because it can give high burst damage. He will give 5 daggers at once and can withdraw them again. When the ultimate skill is activated, both skills can produce 10 times power. Thus the damage from Gusion will be higher.

This gusion is great for tapping the carry opponent hero so it doesn’t evolve. Especially if we combine with Grock and Kaja, this hero can really dominate in early to mid-game. Only once the opponent’s skill combo is killed.

But unfortunately, this Gusion has a fairly high level of difficulty. Accuracy, timing, and flying hours are really needed when using Gusion. Your hands should be really agile if you want to master this one hero.



One of the best assassin Hero in season 16 is Ling. Although this hero will soon be dinerf, but it seems that this hero will remain dangerous in teams. Because this hero still remains agile and can give high damage.

His first Skill will make Ling very agile. So, he can move from the wall to another wall very easily. Then he can also spy on the existence of enemies from within the walls.

The second Skill will lock the target to the opponent’s automatically and will give you a little slow effect. If we have used the ultimate skill perfectly, then both skills perform heavily.

While the ultimate skill is very good to use for teamfight, Opponents in this skill area will be exposed to a slight knockback effect. In addition, this skill will also make Ling immune to all types of damage or CC.

Mastering it is not an easy job.

That’s the list from us for season 16. Thank you for visiting the free Mobile Legends skins site.

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